Swimming lessons for 4 – 16 year olds

At swim school your child will learn to swim with the greatest of ease, they will do this by understanding how to feel safe in the water. We will focus on technique so that all the movements your child learns will feel natural to them, giving them the ability to swim forever!

What we’re all about

Through the process of learning to swim I believe there is always something positive and useful in every exercise a child attempts. I bring a sense of fun to exploring all the weird and wonderful ways of interpreting a swimming practice that I have given. In exaggerating a movement, either too much or too little, we are able to change and improve our balance. With this process we can build up a better understanding of all the swimming strokes.

Water confidence

Every child, whatever their age, first needs to become familiar with the swimming environment. With me, they learn to feel the waters resistance to their movements, the effects of buoyancy and how breathing when swimming is so very different to normal. Your child will gain lots of confidence through understanding these elements. With this I can then focus on how using their arms and legs will propel them through the water with the greatest of ease.

Skills development

I follow a clear and simple lesson structure to break down every stroke into its component parts. By working on specific parts of a stroke, such as where a movement begins and ends, every child is able to understand what I am asking of them. I know that each task I set them is achievable within that lesson and by the end of every session they will know they have improved. This will give your child a great sense of achievement every week and assist in giving them love of swimming.

The competitive edge

We all have an image of a great looking swimmer who moves through the water at speed and with the greatest of ease. This look is achievable through good timing and an understanding of when we move, our head arms and legs in relation to one another. I work on improving this sequence of movements, by finding the smoothest way of getting from one to another. This involves learning to adjust everything in relation to propelling the body through the water. I aim to achieve technical brilliance to promote comfort when swimming so that training has no detrimental impact to the body.

Swimming fitness

How does your child get to be fit and stay fit through swimming? Well the answer is simple. By working at a speed that is appropriate to them, for the exercise they are doing. I always aim to give your child the time to think by using long easy movements at an even pace. Mindful swimming is far more productive than thrashing out lengths in a pool. It allows every child who swims with me to enjoy the simple pleasure of being in the water and moving at their own speed. Race pace can be developed from the solid strong posture and well-timed movements that my approach gives. I provide a positive learning experience in promoting good technique that ultimately leads to great fitness and a love of swimming.

"Anna was scared to put her face into the water. She can now swim over 10 metres!"- Claire, Windermere