Water confidence for babies

Swim Babies is a great bonding experience for you and your baby to share together. Together we will gain the confidence and skills to develop your babies’ natural swimming ability.

What we’re all about

We will develop your babies swimming by instilling in you the confidence to hold and move your baby in the water. The movements we use in playing together in the pool will help your baby experience the excitement and joy of floating.

Water confidence

Taking a six month old baby into the water for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Together we ease you and your child into the swimming environment with pool side play and water play. This encourages you and your child’s confidence through a seamless sequence of movements.

Skills development

As we progress with your babies swimming, they will achieve a greater feel for the water that with your help will encourage them to explore even more. At the end of swim babies your baby will be happy to sink under water, swim beside you and have the ability to get to safety by themselves. When your child is in their third year you could expect them to achieve a distance badge of anywhere between 15 and 100 meters. They will do this without stress or brute force through comfortable movements of their arms and legs.

"In 6 weeks Felix was jumping in and swimming underwater to the side!"- Gregor, Windermere