Open water adventures

Many of us have looked out over the sea or a lake and wondered how far we might go, whether we could even do it at all. With me by your side from the beginning of this journey to its end, it is achievable.

Open water confidence

That first plunge into the open water is thrilling, whether it’s the first time or one of many open water swims. I can give you all the preparation you need before, during and after your swim. Anything you want to improve on can be done in the pool; from there we are just a moment away from putting it into practice in the lakes. With all you will know and your personalized swim plan, you will feel confident of success and know your goals are achievable.

Open water skills

The nature of open water swimming is such that no amount of pool or lane swimming can prepare you for it. Many great swimmers find it hard or even impossible to adapt to the big wide open space and the cooler temperatures, it be disorientating and confusing making swimming suddenly feel very difficult. The skill of Open water swimming is adapting your stroke to the changing environment and the effects of fatigue. Knowing that you can adjust your movements and timing, while still maintaining a continuous stroke will make you a skilled open water swimmer

Open water fitness

If you are planning an open water event, a triathlon or if like me you just want to be able to do it for the love of it, together we can improve your fitness. I will work on a routine with you that has achievable goals every swim and can adapt to those days where you don’t even feel like getting in. You will finish every session feeling successful, knowing you did well and that you can see how further improvements are attainable. Most important to me is that at the end of every session you should leave you wanting to get back in for more, wanting to swim more and loving doing it.

Competing in open water

Having helped you become comfortable in the water and confident in your abilities, you will be able to really relax in the open water. We will find a pace for you where the time is achievable; you need to enter the water knowing what the swim will feel like at the beginning, middle and end. From this point it is a given that improvement is possible and that even your initial goals are surpass able. It is crucial to me that everything we do will leave you knowing you were better than last time and wanting to do it again.

I want everyone to be able to love swimming as I do, be it in the pool or the open water. Everyone should be able to improve in something that by its very nature is fun and enjoyable, improve in such a way that they want to keep on doing it. Swimming is great as a sport, a life skill and for fitness, best of all we can always learn and improve at it whatever our age or ability.

"Before I met Lee I struggled to complete Ullswater in 4:50. Within 3 months I swam the 2 way in 8:30!"- Damien Bagley, Carlisle

Thomas Noblett holding award for Open Water Swimmer of the Year