Swimming lessons for ages 16+

Improve your swimming be you a non-swimmer or a channel hopeful, you will be exhilarated by how much you can achieve.

Water confidence

Improve your swimming with many progressive stages in small steps, as many as it takes for you to feel confident and comfortable in the changes we make. I will help you eliminate that awful feeling of water going up your nose as well as the coughing and spluttering that is often associated with the learning process. We will discuss the dynamics of breathing; we will pinpoint where to relax and how to relax by using different breathing techniques.

Skills development

Together we will create a very comfortable swimming style where we find the best way to lie in the water. We will do this by working on how you hold yourself, using the body as a whole to make an ergonomically efficient shape. It will then be possible to use the arms and legs to propel you through the water to greater effect. Best of all you will be using as little or as much effort as you choose. The great thing is we simply put the movements learned into a sequence, that when you do them will feel right.

Swimming fitness

In practicing specific movements and swimming a full stroke, we will improve your sensitivity to the water. Together we will perfect a smooth stroke that will allow you to slip through the water, saving you energy. This will increase the distance you can swim and reduce the effort you need to put into your swimming. For your swimming fitness we will work at a variety of speeds and perfect practices that are specifically relevant to you. In doing this we will be able to achieve changes that improve your muscle memory and become permanent improvements.

The competitive edge

We will fine tune your skills with comfortable drills that you will feel confident to practice at your leisure. With regular online feedback we can constantly evolve your routines. Mindful swimming is the key to continued progress, where perfect practice makes the perfect swimming stroke.

"I could barely swim 15 metres. In 18 months I nearly swam The Channel!"- Thomas Noblett, Windermere